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Weekend Trip to Gorumara National Park from Kolkata for 2 Days

By Tushar- [19-Apr-24] The short trips from Kolkata on weekends to Shantiniketan, Sundarban, Digha, Chandannagar, Belur Math, and a few more have become quite common nowadays. How about travelling a little farther? Road trips are a means of conventional weekend plans. Its time to board a flight and fly above the clouds. For this, you need to definitely stretch your budget to some extent, but an advance planning and some added efforts to savings will make the plan work out.

Fly off to Siliguri from Kolkata

So, the tour plan goes like this -

gorumara safari
Day 1

Saturday Morning, take a flight from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to Bagdogra International Airport, Siliguri. The flight duration is somewhere between 1 - 1&½ hours, and once you land at Siliguri, hire a cab and set your map towards Gorumara National Park, which is approximately 76 km and you will reach your destination in 2 hours. Since you will be taking an early morning flight from Kolkata, you will reach your resort by 11:00 am, and you will have the entire day for exploration. A quick transition from the city of joy to a region full of verdant greenery will tantalise you from deep inside your heart.

Planning this trip in the autumn season, right after bidding farewell to the monsoon is a perfect idea, as you will be able to enjoy both greenery and pleasant weather. The hot and humid climate will be too far to bother you.

Saturday Noon, check into a resort, and completing the formalities, enter your room. By the time you will settle down in the resort, it will be mid-day. So take a bath, have lunch and get some sleep. Go for a Gorumara Jeep Safari in the 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm slot, the last one for the day. Planning ahead and conducting an Online Safari Booking Gorumara is better so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Saturday Evening, you can take leisurely strolls near the resort. Alternatively, if the resort authorities arrange for some tribal performances, then indulge in the cultural programs and it will be a good source for a beautiful evening. Enjoy some snacks and beverages during the performances.

Saturday Night, dinner will be served in the resort’s restaurant. Indulge in the local Bengali cuisines that are prepared with traditional methods. If you wish you can take a walk within the premises of the resort after dinner, or get into your room and sleep.

Day 2

Sunday Morning, wake up before the sun and get ready. Today the safari will take you to the watchtowers of Gorumara National Park. There are three main watch towers in the national park, namely Chukchuk Watch Tower, Chandrachur Watch Tower and Jatraprashad Watch Tower. While conducting online booking for safari, select one watchtower among the three. Once the jeep reaches your preferred watchtower, climb the stairs to reach the top of the watchtower. All three watch towers offer mesmerising views of the national park from the top and you can easily spot wildlife if they emerge out of their habitat. After the safari ends, return to your resort to munch on a delicious breakfast.

Sunday Mid-day, there are three rivers near Gorumara National Park - Jaldhaka, Teesta and Murti. After the morning safari and breakfast, you can visit any of these river banks and spend some tranquil moments sitting there or exploring nearby, till hunger strikes you.

Sunday Afternoon & Evening, get back to your resort and freshen up to have lunch. Post-lunch, take a nap and in the evening pack up your luggage and get ready to check out from the resort. Hire a cab and drive towards New Jalpaiguri Railway Station to board a night train back to Kolkata.