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Safari Booking Information for Gorumara National Park

By Tushar- [09-Apr-24] Gorumara National Park is located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in the Indian state of West Bengal. Established in 1949, it covers an area of approximately 80 square kilometers and is known for its diverse flora and fauna.Situated in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, Gorumara National Park is about 65 kilometers away from Jalpaiguri and around 80 kilometers from Siliguri.The park is renowned for its rich biological diversity, including various species of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Some of the notable wildlife species found here are Indian elephants, Indian rhinoceroses, gaur (Indian bison), sloth bears, leopards, deer species like sambar and barking deer and numerous bird species such as hornbills, peafowl and woodpeckers.Gorumara National Park is predominantly covered by moist deciduous forests interspersed with patches of grasslands.

The vegetation is lush and provides habitat and sustenance for the diverse wildlife found in the park.One of the popular activities in Gorumara National Park is jungle safaris. Tourists can explore the park on elephant-back safaris or jeep safaris organized by the forest department. These safaris offer visitors an opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Here we explain in detail about Safari Booking Information for Gorumara National Park.

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Why is Gorumara National Park So Popular?

The park boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, including several rare and endangered species such as the Indian rhinoceros. Its lush forests, grasslands, and rivers support a variety of wildlife, making it a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Situated in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and well-connected to nearby towns and cities like Siliguri, Gorumara National Park is easily accessible for tourists. Its proximity to major transportation hubs makes it a convenient destination for both domestic and international travelers.The park offers exciting jungle safaris, allowing visitors to explore its wilderness and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Elephant-back safaris and jeep safaris organized by the forest department are popular activities that offer unique opportunities for close encounters with animals like Indian elephants, Indian rhinoceroses, and various species of deer and birds.

Gorumara National Park is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, with picturesque landscapes, dense forests, meandering rivers, and panoramic views of the Eastern Himalayas. The tranquil surroundings and pristine environment attract tourists seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature.Apart from Jeep Safari in Gorumara Park, the park also offers opportunities forbird watching and nature walks. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in these activities to explore the park's diverse terrain and discover its hidden treasures.

The region surrounding Gorumara National Park is rich in cultural heritage, with indigenous communities and tribal villages that offer insights into traditional lifestyles and customs. Tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and learn about the region's history and heritage.Gorumara National Park's combination of biodiversity, accessibility, adventure and scenic beauty makes it a popular destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable wildlife experience in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas.

Jeep Safari Routes in Gorumara National Park

It is essential to note that the routes may vary based on factors like weather conditions, wildlife movements, and park regulations. However, here are some typical routes that visitors may take during Jeep safaris in Gorumara National Park:

• Chapramari Watch Tower Route: This route typically takes visitors through the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary which is contiguous with Gorumara National Park. The Chapramari Watch Tower is a popular spot for wildlife sightings including elephants, deer and various bird species.

• Jatraprasad Watch Tower Route: : This route usually takes visitors towards the Jatraprasad Watch Tower, which offers panoramic views of the park's landscape. Along the way visitors may encounter herds of Indian elephants, Indian bison (gaur), and other wildlife species.

• Rhino Observation Point Route: Gorumara National Park is known for its population of one-horned Indian rhinoceroses. This route often focuses on areas where rhinos are commonly spotted, providing visitors with the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

• Chukchuki Bird Watching Route: Gorumara is a haven for birdwatchers with over 200 species of birds recorded in the park. The Chukchuki Bird Watching Route is designed to explore areas where bird sightings are frequent allowing visitors to spot a diverse array of avian species.