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Popular Places to See Around Gorumara National Park

By Tushar- [01-Apr-24] As a wildlife traveler - one of the most exciting destinations to visit is Gorumara National Park. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal, this park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.Established in 1949 as a Wildlife Sanctuary, Gorumara initially covered an area of 65 square kilometers. It was primarily created to protect the Indian rhinoceros. Later the park expanded to its current size of around 80 square kilometers. In 1992, it was declared a National Park.Gorumara is situated on the floodplains of the Murti and Jaldhaka rivers. The park's diverse ecosystem comprises tropical forests, grasslands, and riverine vegetation which support a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Several attractions surround the park, providing visitors with diverse experiences. Here are some popular places to see around Gorumara National Park. Here is the top list:

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Jhalong: Jhalong is indeed a charming hamlet located near Gorumara National Park in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. It is located 45 km from Gorumara National Park on the bank of river Jaldhaka.Situated alongside the Jaldhaka River, Jhalong offers stunning views of lush greenery terraced fields and rolling hills. The river adds to the picturesque landscape with clear waters reflecting the surrounding beauty.One of the main attractions of Jhalong is the Jaldhaka Hydel Project. The dam and the reservoir created by it not only serve as a source of hydroelectric power but also enhance the scenic beauty of the area. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the dam and enjoy the serene atmosphere.Jhalong is a paradise for birdwatchers. The surrounding forests and riverbanks are home to numerous bird species including colorful varieties like the scarlet minivet, sunbird and kingfisher. It's a fantastic spot for bird photography and observation.The Jaldhaka River offers opportunities for angling and fishing. Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck catching local fish species while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

Bindu: Bindu is a picturesque village located near Jhalong and Gorumara National Park in the Jalpaiguri. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Bindu is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. Surrounded by dense forests, terraced fields and rolling hills the village offers panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges and lush green landscapes.Bindu is situated at the confluence of the Jaldhaka and Bindu rivers adding to its scenic allure. The sight of the two rivers merging amidst pristine surroundings is a captivating experience for visitors.The Bindu Dam, built across the Bindu River is a prominent landmark in the village. The dam not only serves as a source of hydroelectric power but also enhances the beauty of the area. Visitors can stroll along the dam and enjoy the serene ambiance.Bindu is known for its extensive cardamom plantations which thrive in the region's favorable climate and soil conditions. Travelers can explore the lush greenery of the plantations learn about cardamom cultivation and purchase fresh spices.

Rhino Point Watchtower: Another must-visit destination in Gorumara National Park is the Rhino Point Watchtower. As the name suggests, this watchtower offers visitors a chance to see the park's population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses. Visitors can also spot other animals from the watchtower, such as elephants, deer and boars. After enjoying a Safari in Gorumara you may to go visit this popular watchtower to enjoy the better and enhanced wildlife of the Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary. This tower offers a breathtaking view of the park's vast grasslands and the animals that roam them such as elephants, bison and rhinoceroses. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of the park's birdlife including the Indian roller, crested serpent eagle and scarlet minivet.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary: If you're interested in exploring the park's lush forests, be sure to visit the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is located on the banks of the Murti River and is home to a variety of animals including tigers, leopards and elephants. Visitors can also go birdwatching in the sanctuary as it is home to a large number of avian species. Adjacent to Gorumara, Chapramari is another wildlife sanctuary renowned for its biodiversity. Visitors can spot elephants, Indian bison (gaur), deer and various bird species here. Jeep safaris and nature walks are popular activities.