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A Photographic Journey through Gorumara National Park: Capturing the Essence of Wildlife

By Tushar- 20-Oct-23 Embarking on a photographic journey through Gorumara National Park promises a captivating adventure, capturing the essence of its rich wildlife. Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas of West Bengal, India, Gorumara is a biodiverse haven that unfolds a tapestry of nature through your lens.

gorumara journey

1. Dawn at Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary: Begin your journey at the break of dawn in Chapramari, an extension of Gorumara National Park. As the first light pierces through the mist, the wildlife begins to stir. Capture the ethereal beauty of the landscape bathed in the soft hues of sunrise.

2. Rhino Encounters at Jatraprasad Watchtower: Head to Jatraprasad Watchtower for a chance to photograph the park's iconic one-horned rhinoceros. Patiently observe their morning rituals and interactions, emphasizing their unique features against the backdrop of the grassy plains.

3. Gaur Grazing in the Meadows: The park is home to a population of Indian bison, or gaur. Seek out these mighty creatures grazing in the meadows, and focus on capturing their strength and grace amidst the vibrant greenery.

4. Avian Wonders: The park boasts a rich avian population, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and photographers. Seek out colorful species such as the Indian Peafowl, Oriental Pied Hornbill, and Scarlet Minivet. Patrolling raptors like the Changeable Hawk-Eagle add an extra layer of excitement to your photographic journey.

5. Mystical Forests: Venture into the heart of the park to capture the enchanting beauty of its forests. The play of light filtering through dense foliage, coupled with the myriad sounds of nature, creates a surreal atmosphere. Capture the intricate details of the flora and the interplay of shadows on the forest floor.

6. Wildlife in Action: Be prepared for unexpected moments as the wildlife unfolds before your lens. Whether it's a fleeting deer, a stalking leopard, or a playful group of langurs, these spontaneous scenes tell the untold stories of Gorumara's diverse ecosystem.

7. Tribal Life and Culture:Don't forget to explore the cultural facets of the region. Engage with the local communities, such as the Maldhari tribe, and capture the essence of their traditional lifestyles. Candid portraits and shots of daily activities add a human touch to your photographic narrative.

8. Sunset at the Rhino Point:End your day at Rhino Point, capturing the sun setting over the expansive grasslands. The warm hues of the setting sun provide a perfect backdrop for silhouettes of wildlife returning to their shelters, marking the end of another day in Gorumara.

Remember to approach wildlife with respect and maintain a safe distance. Let your lens be a silent observer, capturing the untamed beauty of Gorumara National Park without disrupting the natural harmony that exists within.