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Famous Dishes of West Bengal You Must Try

Updated:- 04-Aug-23 Food is the way to the heart and the state of West Bengal knows it better than anyone. The people of West Bengal never upset their visitors when it comes to hospitality. And above all what is better than knowing the culture and traditions of the state and enjoying the mouth-watering food? Who said Bengal is all about fish because Bengalis have much more than this to offer? This state is not just about non-vegetarians but this state has some amazing vegetarian dishes for their vegetarian guests as well. So today in this blog, we are going to discuss West Bengal Cuisine.

dishes of west bengal

About the State:

The state is situated in the eastern part of India. This beautiful state is well known for its rich cultures, traditions, religions, languages, customs, lifestyle and cuisines. Other than these there is one big reason for the growth of tourism in the state that is natural wonders. Bengal was known as Vangladesh in the ancient time. Then later in the year 1947, it was renamed West Bengal. The state is home to 6 national parks and 15 wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the most visited national parks are Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara National Park. Gorumara is popular for Gorumara Tiger Tour and Jaldapara is popular for its jeep safari.

Some Amazing Vegetarian Dishes of West Bengal:

1. Aloo Potol Posto: This dish is a very popular vegetarian dish in West Bengal. This dish is made of Potol which is known as Parwal and Potato. In this, the three main ingredients are Potato, Parwal and Posto. The masala of the dish plays an important role as it enhances the taste of the whole dish. So the masala is roasted and ground separately so it can give a different flavor to the dish. The masala of the dish includes poppy seeds, grated coconut, dry green chilies, cloves, cardamom, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and methi seeds. These species and seeds are roasted first to bring the aroma to the dished and they also release the essential oils. Trust me this dish is must try if you are visiting this wonderful state.

2. Shukto: It is an authentically traditional Bengali dish. In ancient times, people of Bengal used to believe that one should start their meal with bitters as it is helpful medically. The main ingredients of the dish are bitter gourd, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bananas, raw papaya, flat beans, brinjal and drumsticks. In this dish, the species plays an important role. It tastes slightly bitter but holds great importance in functions and ceremonies in Bengal such as weddings, social gatherings, festivals, Annaprasana, Sraddhya, etc. You will find this dish in the special thali of West Bengal.

3. Alur Dom: It is also known as Dum Aloo and it is a common dish for the people of Bengal. It is a dish that is rich, creamy and loaded with species. Potatoes hold a history in Bengal as British traders were the ones who introduced the cultivation of potatoes in Bengal and since then potato is one of the main ingredients in the meals of Bengal. Alur Dom refers to Potatoes that are slowly cooked. This dish is slightly spiced and sweet at the same time and this is the reason it is very popular in Bengali kitchens. You can have this dish with Luchis. Luchis is a poori made up of all-purpose flour and it makes a perfect combination.

4. Mochar Ghonto: It is another popular traditional dish. The main ingredient of the dish is a banana flower which is combined with potatoes. The taste of this dish is enhanced by the rich species. The word Mocha refers to Plantain flowers. Mocha has some great health benefits as it is a great source of vitamins and minerals. And it is also popular for preventing infections. It is a great dish for nursing mothers as it is believed that this dish helps them to increase breast milk. It is also helpful in reducing anxiety and depression. So it is not only tasty but healthy as well.


So West Bengal has so much to offer to the people who visit this beautiful place. Not only the dishes but sweet or dessert of this state is popular as well. So if you are planning to visit this place don’t forget to enjoy the food of this state for unique and amazing taste. This state welcomes you with natural wonders, temples and amazing dishes like Aloo Potol Posto, Shukto, Alur dom, Luchis, Chholar Dal, etc. I hope you find this blog amazing and mouth-watering and we also wish you all the luck for your trip to West Bengal.