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Gorumara Adventure Tour: A Thrilling Encounter with Wildlife

By Tushar- [10-Jan-24]Nestled in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, Gorumara National Park stands as a testament to the rich biodiversity of the region. This adventure tour promises more than just breathtaking landscapes; it offers an exhilarating experience with wildlife in their natural habitat. Join me on a virtual journey as I recount the thrilling encounters and captivating moments of my Gorumara adventure.

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Day 1: Arrival in Lataguri:

The adventure commenced with my arrival in Lataguri, the gateway to Gorumara National Park. Surrounded by lush tea gardens and the Dooars region's scenic beauty, the anticipation of the wildlife encounters ahead added an extra layer of excitement.

Day 2: Jeep Safari in Gorumara National Park:

The day started early with a Jeep Safari into the heart of Gorumara National Park. As the sun painted the sky with hues of pink and orange, our experienced guide navigated through dense forests and grasslands, providing a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna. Spotting herds of Indian elephants, bison, and deer against the backdrop of towering sal trees was a surreal experience.

Day 3: Watchtower Excursion:

Exploring the numerous watchtowers within the national park was a highlight of the tour. Each watchtower offered a unique perspective, allowing me to observe wildlife from different elevations. The Jatraprasad Watchtower, overlooking the Murti River, provided a picturesque setting to witness elephants bathing and playing in the water.

Day 4: Bird Watching in Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gorumara is not only a haven for mammals but also a paradise for bird enthusiasts. A visit to the nearby Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary offered an opportunity to spot a variety of avian species, including the vibrant Indian roller, hornbills, and the elusive black-necked stork. The symphony of bird calls added a melodious soundtrack to the adventure.

Day 5: Rhino Point and Rhino Sighting:

The day was dedicated to the exploration of Rhino Point, known for its high probability of spotting the one-horned Indian rhinoceros. As we approached the grassy meadows, a magnificent rhino grazed peacefully, offering a close-up view of this majestic creature. The sheer size and grace of the rhinoceros left an indelible impression on my wildlife journey.

Day 6: Elephant Safari and River Rafting:

To enhance the adventure, I opted for an elephant safari, a unique way to traverse the park and get up close with wildlife. The gentle giants guided us through the dense foliage, providing a different perspective on the natural beauty surrounding us. In the afternoon, a thrilling river rafting experience in the Murti River brought the tour to a crescendo, combining adrenaline-pumping adventure with serene landscapes.


The Gorumara Adventure Tour surpassed my expectations, offering an immersive experience with the untamed beauty of nature. From the majestic elephants and rhinoceros to the vibrant birdlife, every moment was a celebration of the region's incredible biodiversity. Gorumara National Park, with its diverse ecosystems and thrilling wildlife encounters, stands as a testament to the need for conservation efforts to preserve these natural wonders for generations to come. This adventure tour is a must for wildlife enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-filled journey into the heart of the Eastern Himalayas.