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Best Options for Comforting Retreats near Gorumara

By Tushar- [15-Jan-24] Nestled in the lap of West Bengal's verdant landscapes, Gorumara National Park emerges as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and admirers of natural beauty alike. This sprawling sanctuary, teeming with rich biodiversity and breathtaking vistas, beckons travelers seeking an escape into the heart of the wilderness. As the sun-kissed plains of West Bengal give way to the enchanting realm of Gorumara, selecting the right accommodation becomes a pivotal decision in crafting an immersive experience. In this blog, we unravel a curated selection of lodging options that promise not only comfort and luxury but also a seamless integration with the surrounding natural wonders. From the rustic charm of jungle camps to the opulence of boutique resorts, each accommodation choice near Gorumara National Park offers a unique blend of serenity, adventure, and a profound connection with the untamed beauty that defines this pristine corner of West Bengal.

Become a participant in the journey to discover the perfect retreats that serve as gateways to the mesmerizing realm of the national park and an eminent part of Gorumara Tour Packages .

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The Riverwood Forest Retreat

Nestled along the edges of Gorumara National Park, The Riverwood Forest Retreat is a haven for nature enthusiasts in North Bengal, with its roots dating back to its establishment in 2008. Positioned gracefully beside the scenic River Murti, this retreat has gained acclaim for being a sanctuary to a diverse array of wildlife, including Indian Rhinoceros, Elephants, Indian Gaur, and Leopards. Beyond its natural charm, this centrally located resort serves as an ideal stop for travellers en route to Sikkim and Bhutan. Committed to eco-friendly practices, The Riverwood Forest Retreat serves as a sanctuary for both endemic and migratory birds, further enhancing its appeal to nature lovers. The resort boasts 12 well-appointed rooms seamlessly integrated into the lush forest surroundings.

Each room features two balconies that provide unparalleled views of the serene Murti River and the flourishing wilderness beyond. The Hideaway, the resort's multi-cuisine restaurant, takes pride in crafting delectable dishes prepared from locally sourced ingredients. To complement the culinary delights, the Hornbill Bar offers a perfect retreat for a relaxing sip amidst the luxuriant embrace of nature. Whether indulging in the richness of wildlife or appreciating the tranquillity of the Murti River, The Riverwood Forest Retreat promises a holistic and unforgettable experience for those seeking respite in the heart of nature.

The Reserve, Gorumara

Dedicated to offering guests a regal experience amidst the enchanting woods, The Reserve, Gorumara, positions itself right at the edge of the dense forest, ensuring a captivating view of the local flora and fauna. This establishment wholeheartedly commits to providing a best-in-class experience, offering not only fine dining but also princely lodging facilities. The resort's proximity to key attractions such as the Murti River, Gorumara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve, and Mendabari Fort adds to its allure.

The meticulously designed and well-furnished rooms at The Reserve boast amenities such as air-conditioning, an ergonomic work area, and an LED HD TV. The rooms are adorned with fine curtains, a safety deposit box, and tea and coffee facilities, complemented by a mini-fridge for added convenience. The attached bathrooms come equipped with free toiletries and a shower offering both cold and hot water facilities. Going the extra mile, the resort also arranges for open-air dining, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a truly delightful dining experience surrounded by nature's serenity.

The Jungle Book Resort

Escape the daily grind and indulge in a tranquil and adventurous vacation at The Jungle Book Resort, an idyllic destination set amidst the serene village of Madarihat in the Alipurduar district. Embraced by lush green forests and in proximity to the Gorumara National Park, this enchanting property seamlessly combines world-class luxury with a perfect ambiance to immerse yourself in the wilderness. The resort boasts a vibrant and welcoming multi-cuisine restaurant, offering an eclectic all-day dining menu featuring a special variety of Bengali, Chinese, Mughlai, and Continental cuisines.

Delight your palate with wholesome meals served daily in this inviting culinary haven. The meticulously designed Deluxe and Superior rooms exude a genuine sense of luxury, providing a comfortable retreat for guests. Each room is adorned with a comprehensive array of amenities, ensuring a delightful and stress-free stay at The Jungle Book Resort.